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Yezka Garza Ramirez

Professional activity

  • General Coordinator of the Regional Center for Human Identification. The CRIH is an expert institution specialized in the forensic search for disappeared persons.  Coordination of five forensic areas for human identification purposes: Archaeology, Postmortem Analysis, Victim Documentation, Forensic Genetics, Identification Confirmation. Coordination of temporary shelter areas for bodies and/or human remains, as well as biological and non-biological incidences. Analysis of criminal investigation folders with emphasis on homicides and disappearance of people.  Systematization and construction of a genetic data bank for identification purposes. Coordination for the operation of forensic laboratories.  Coordination with various institutions to search for missing persons.

Academic training

  • Professional Training: Law Degree (Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Laguna)

  • Master's studies in the Accusatory Criminal System at the Universidad Autonoma del Noreste Campus Saltillo (pending)

continuing education

  • International Law Symposium (Havana, Cuba, November 2004).  

  • National Congress of Legal and Political Sciences (UDLA, Puebla, Puebla, April 2004).

  • 1st Workshop on Contracts and Obligations (Puebla, Puebla, October 2004)  

  • 2nd Workshop on Contracts and Obligations (Puebla, Puebla, January 2005)  

  • Congress of Public and Private Law (UDLA, Puebla, Puebla, March 2005)  

  • Congress on Criminal Law and Criminology, given by the Coahuila State Attorney General's Office (UIA Laguna Campus, Torreón, Coahuila, October 2008)  

  • Forensic Oratory Clinic on Oral Trials (ITESO, Guadalajara, Jalisco, March 2010) - Diploma in Crime Prevention, taught by IPOSHUAC (Torreon, Coahuila, March 2012)  

  • Diploma in Mediation and Conciliation, taught by IPOSHUAC (Torreón, Coahuila, August 2012)  

  • Course on Resilience and Attachments on children and adolescents in situations of violence, taught by the Spanish Institute of Resilience (Saltillo, Coahuila, October 2018)


  • Interamerican University for Development Campus Saltillo. Professor of Public International Law. Inter-American Academy of Human Rights in Saltillo.

  • Advisor and Professor in the field of Human Rights with emphasis on Disappearance of Persons, Criminal Justice, Vulnerable Groups.

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