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Lillian Sanchez Calderoni

Current Professional Activity


  • Researcher of the Inter-American Academy of Human Rights of the Autonomous University of Coahuila. Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

Actividad Profesional


  • Independent Case Management (09/09 – to date) Position: Independent Lawyer 

  • UDEM (05/15 – 05/17) Tel. 8215.1000 Position: Assistant in the Direction of the Academic Department of Law. Responsibilities, activities, achievements: Organize and co-organize events; coordinate the edition and publication of books and the International Journal of Law and Social Sciences; coordinate the programming of international videoconferences; support in the programming and offer of courses; process the receipt of documentation from the Faculty and follow up on their registration in Human Resources as well as the payment of their payroll and fees; translate documents (English and French); support in the scheduling of dissertation exams; coordinate dissertation dates with synods; support the Faculty with replacements and/or changes in their classes as well as External Units; mediate and monitor the signing of agreements and contracts; support the holding of hearings in the Oral Trials Chamber; support in capturing qualifications; prepare letters and certificates; among other. 

  • Georgal Languages (01/13 – 03/14) Tel. 8000.7374. Position: Business English Teacher. Immediate Boss: Pedro Guasti Leal. Responsibilities, activities, achievements: Teach courses on corporate strategies, leadership, marketing, focused on strengthening the English language. In three months, getting students at IPADE and Directors like BIMBO's to increase their TOEIC exam score by more than double; in the first to be able to do a postgraduate exchange in English-speaking places or to get better job opportunities, the second to complement their skills and strengths for their managerial positions. In general, at Banamex, Schneider Electric, among others, develop knowledge of business activities in English.

  •   Lemoine and Associates (08/09 – 09/09). Area: Corporate, commercial law. Immediate Head: Lic. Jean-Paul Lemoine Pérez. Responsibilities, activities, achievements: Analysis and preparation of deed opinions of moral persons. 

  • State Congress (07/01 – 07/11). Position: Deputy Assistant. Immediate Boss: Gerardo del Bosque. Responsibilities, activities, achievements: Legal research for the preparation of proposals and legislative reforms in the field of protection of women and in environmental matters. 

  • Qualfone Services (Telemark) (03/05 – 04/05). Position: Customer Service Representative (Bilingual). Responsibilities, activities, achievements: Contact with clients for technical advisory services and product purchases. 

  • Hispanic Teleservices (04/05 – 06/04). Position: Customer Service Representative (Bilingual)Responsibilities, activities, achievements: Contact with customers for technical advisory services and product purchases

Academic training 

  • Master's Degree in Business Law (05/15 – 04/17) UDEM (University of Monterrey) Thesis dissertation pending (12/2017)

  • Law Degree (03/08 – 08/06). UDEM (University of Monterrey)

  • Bicultural Baccalaureate (08/00 – 06/03). UDEM (University of Monterrey) San Pedro Unit

Formación Académica


  •  “¿Da igual la desigualdad salarial? A propósito del Día Internacional de la Igualdad Salarial...” en Columna Siglo XXI, Vanguardia, Saltillo. (2021)

Producción Académica
Premios y reconocimientos

Awards, Extracurricular Activities and Awards

  • Judge at the 1st National Debate Competition on Political Rights (Saltillo, Coahuila, 10/2017)

  • Inter-American Academy of Human Rights, Autonomous University of Coahuila

  • UDEM University Senate (05/16 – 12/16)

  • Faculty member as a Postgraduate student

  • Sinodal in a thesis dissertation (05/16) Title: "The biolegal status of the human embryo in Mexico and the protection of its rights"

Proyectos de Investigación

  • Intergrante del equipo de trabajo del Programa Comunitario Integral con Enfoque Educativo y de Salud Mental para Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes Familiares de Personas Desaparecidas del CONACYT y la Academia Interamericana de Derechos Humanos. (2022)

  • Miembro del grupo de investigación en “Informe: Situación de la violencia contra las mujeres en el Estado de Coahuila 2022’’ Academia Interamericana de Derechos Humanos. (En edición). 

  • Integrante del grupo de investigación sobre jurisprudencia en época de pandemia por COVID-19 en América Latina. (2021)

  • Integrante del proyecto ‘’Monitor de Derechos Humanos en el Mundo’’ (2021)

Proyectos de Investigación


  • Español, nativo.

  • Inglés, intermedio.

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