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Victor Manuel Vera Garcia

Current Professional Activity

Actividad Profesional
  • July 2018 to date: Research Assistant at the Center for Comparative Constitutional Studies (CEDECOMP) at the Inter-American Academy of Human Rights.

Previous Professional Activity

  • September 2014 to June 2019: Tax Actuary at the Tax Administration Service (SAT), Decentralized Administration of Coahuila de Zaragoza "1".

Academic training 

  • Autonomous University of Coahuila / Inter-American Academy of Human Rights: Master's Degree in Human Rights with International and Comparative Perspective, currently studying.

  • Autonomous University of Coahuila / Inter-American Academy of Human Rights: Specialist in Gender and Human Rights (honorable mention), October 2019.

  • Autonomous University of Coahuila / Faculty of Jurisprudence: Bachelor of Laws, June 2012.

Formación Académica

Main Publications  

  • Chapter (co-authored with Dr. Irene Spigno): “The forced disappearance of people during the Chilean dictatorship: analysis based on the film Colonia [2015]”, in Disappeared on the screens. The phenomenon of the forced disappearance of people from the cinema, Ríos Vega, Luis Efrén y Spigno, Irene (dirs.), Estrada Marún, José Antonio and Zamora Valadez, Carlos Eulalio (coords.), Tirant lo Blanch, Mexico City, 95-126 (in press).

  • Chapter (co-authored): Mexico, COVID-19: States' responses to the risk of increased domestic violence against women - Report for the call for submission of the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women: COVID-19 and the increase of domestic violence against women (2020).

  • Jurisprudential commentary: Amparo direct 43/2018: right to health and discrimination, Akademía – International & Comparative Journal of Human Rights (2019).

  • Jurisprudential commentary: Navtej Singh Johar vs. Union of India, Academy – International & Comparative Journal of Human Rights (2018).

  • Newspaper column: 'Zaldívar Law': judicial independence in Mexico – Vanguardia newspaper (May 9, 2021).

  • Newspaper column: Constitutional crisis: pandemic and hyper-presidentialism? – Vanguardia newspaper (January 31, 2021).

  • Journalistic column: On forced inclusion and #WithTheChildrenNot: the current debate on having representation – Vanguardia newspaper (June 7, 2020).

  • Journalistic column: Time of contrasts, time for Human Rights – Vanguardia newspaper (June 9, 2019).

Principales publicaciones


  • Asigunatura “Marco Internacional” en módulo Marco jurídico – conceptual del derecho a la igualdad de género y no discriminación en Especialidad de Género y Derechos Humanos, Academia Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, 11 y 12, 18 y 19 de noviembre de 2022.

  • Asigunatura “Historia de los Derechos Humanos” en Maestría en Estudios Avanzados en Derechos Humanos, Academia Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, 26 y 27 de agosto de 2022.


Congresses, Conferences and Seminars

Congresos, Conferencias y Saminarios
  • “Equality, non-discrimination and Broadway: Proposal for a model class for law teachers” presentation at the CEEAD Legal Education Congress 2021, virtual modality (March 17 to 20, 2021).

  • "The specificity of the human right to the family of homosexual people through the work of the courts: a brief analysis of judicial activism" virtual presentation at the VIII Congress of the Network of Gender Studies of Northern Mexico (8 and 9 September 2020).

Courses and Training

Cursos y Capacitaciones
  • Corso di alta formazione in giustizia costituzionale e tutela giurisdizionale dei diritti, virtual modality – University of Pisa (January 11 to 22, 2021).

Interviews, Media Appearances and Social Networks

Entrevistas y apariciones en Medios
  • Transmission via Facebook: Comments on the movie Souvenir [Dir. Armond Cohen, Mexico, 2019] at @Cinema BCS (March 6, 2021). BCS Film Community.

  • Transmission via Facebook: “Analysis of LGBTTIQ+ Cinema: The Enigma Code” in Discussion Panels “Analysis of behavior through cinema”. (September 29, 2020). Motivate Coahuila.

​Areas of interest 

Rights of the LGBTIQ+ population, rights of groups in situations of vulnerability, comparative constitutional law, rights of indigenous peoples, women's rights, human rights, right to equality and non-discrimination, sexual and reproductive rights.

Líneas de investigación


  • English, native language.

  • Spanish, advanced.

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