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​Day 1 / April 5, 2022






Irene Spigno, IDH Academy

Master Conference

Luis Efrén Ríos Vega, Superior Court of Justice of the State of Coahuila

Moderator: Irene Spigno, IDH Academy

1. Gender parity in everything

Parity integration of the organs of the powers of the State

Laura Alicia Camarillo Govea,  Autonomous University of Baja California

Affirmative actions to materialize gender parity

Rodrigo Galán Martínez, Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation

Moderator: Paloma Lugo Saucedo, IDH Academy

2. Search for missing persons

The guiding principles for the search for missing persons

Luis Fernando Velez Gutierrez, Sergio Arboleda University

The rights to truth, justice, comprehensive reparation of damage and non-repetition in the Constitution of Coahuila

Alejandra Nuño Ruiz Velasco, Francisco Suárez University Center for Dignity and Justice

Moderator: Carlos Zamora Valadez, IDH Academy

​Day 2 / April 6, 2022



12:00-1:15 p.m.


3. New model of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Coahuila

Powers of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Coahuila

Diana Laura González Chavarin, Independent Consultant

The Human Rights Commission, promotion of good practices and higher human rights standards

Ignacio García Vitoria, Complutense University of Madrid

Moderator: José Rafael Belandria García, IDH Academy

4. Justice in human rights

Superior Court of Justice: judging from a human rights perspective

Georgina Vargas Vera, Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation

Justice with a human rights perspective in the American environment

Joaquín Mejía Rivera, Legal Team for Human Rights of Honduras

Moderator: Yessica Esquivel Alonso, IDH Academy

5. Amicus Curiae

Guarantee of the Amicus Curiae in the Political Constitution of the State of Coahuila

Jorge Ulises Carmona Tinoco, UNAM Legal Research Institute

The Amicus Curiae as a form of participation: comparative analysis

Viviana Morales Naranjo, Simon Bolivar Andean University

Moderator: Rodrigo Santiago Juárez, IDH Academy

Closing Conference

Humberto Sierra Porto, Externado University of Colombia

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